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Video Conferencing Systems today is expanding service on the IP infrastructure. The goal of implementing this system is to implement common services and common now allow the company headquarters and subsidiaries in remote site or can exchange with each other not only verbal and the visual, and not just with a few companies that are able to participate in many companies at the same time, thus forming a unified network across the network.


As a provider of leading video conferencing solution in the world to provide Polycom solutions enable all customers are successful in connecting and conferences, regardless of location and environment reasonable. Polycom solutions to collaborate allow consolidation, along with the support of infrastructure and management tools. Built-in Polycom solutions ensure a user transfers to the simple, sustainable wherever the unified collaborative environment. All Polycom solutions are ranked the world and supporting organizations, products are distributed across 40 offices in 20 countries around the globe.

- Conferencing System (Video Conference) for the second site.- Use for Video Conference System with branch headquarters.- Use Video Conference point to point between any two given points- Use Video Conference between the two center points simultaneously.


III.1. Proposed
Terminals Videoconference at 2 points to the location of the device will use Polycom HDX-8000.

2 functions for the conference can use video conferencing equipment Polycom HDX 8000-This stage investment 2 devices and manager 2points simultaneously with the speed limit is 384 for each site involved in the known.

The model proposed video conferencing 2 points

Video conferencing equipment Polycom HDX-8000 is located in the center and branch facilities where large transmission capacity easily upgraded to meet demand, the stage equipment investment can be connected 2 positions simultaneously via IP protocol.

In line rate if all the connections on the device speed is 384Kbps, depending on the number of concurrent connections will calculate the average speed as the table below, however, the calculation secure payment of Polycom equipment must add 20% of the fixed broadband terminal is384 + (20% * 384) = 460Kbps (512Kbps bandwidth equivalent if hired from a service provider) at every point of the connection.Also to achieve HD picture quality, the bag must be at least 1024kbps information for each participating in videoconferencing.

Minimum bandwidth requirements for video conferencing to connect 2 points

At the site of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City using videoconferencing between two points, you can call directly between the two points together through the assigned IP address on the device or through the name or number as provided by the management regulations.

Request line is big enough for 02 positions at the conference together, to ensure image quality and better service for audio conferencing.

- Compatible H.323 communications standards as recommended by ITU-T.

- Compatible with the network, the devices of other manufacturers on a common standard.

- The structure does not cause delays, congestion in the conference.

- Ability to transcode any factors related to the conference connection: network interface, bandwidth, encryption ....

- Ability to route calls.

- Ability to provide reports of system activity

- To manage local and remote Windows-based applications, Web ... user-friendly interface, ...

- Features for image fix

With models like the connection we will have the kind of images displayed on the screen as video conferencing takes place

III. 2. Information about where the end-device installation Polycom

III. 2.1. Equipment Polycom HDX8000
Equipment includes:

- Equipment for processing of video conferencing with Polycom HDX8000 communication LAN, video, audio.

- Video cameras in the meeting room (that can connect to 2 if the great room and the conference participants sat unfocused).

- Microphone 1 the expansion (can connect up to 2 units).

- People

+ Content feature cable used to connect directly to any computer programming (or software installed on each computer) allows presentation (presentation) content on PCs sharing for the location and view conference participants, this information will be displayed on the screen while video conferencing.

- The accessories include cables to connect devices such as monitors, speakers, microphone, camera, ..

Request placement conferencing equipment must be:

- Placement of devices placed on the shelf and table top meeting point between the height so that the camera can see all of the participants

- 110-220 VAC power source.

- Static IP address on the LAN for conferencing equipment, IP Firewall is not blocking system.

- LAN is linked to the other conference through WAN or Internet.

o If you are using through the Internet (ADSL or Leased Line) they need public IP address mapped directly to the LAN IP address of the Polycom equipment.

o If using Leased Line or via VPN-MPLS in the LAN IP address must be in the DMZ or firewall is not blocking port from 1024-65535.

- Requires a display (TV or projector) can communicate input image is S-Video or VGA.

- The light in the dark room, if not clearly see the participants.

- Speaker system features Polycom audio amplifier with an output of 270W.

III. 2.2. Room Design Installation
Option 1

- Design rotunda form

- Includes a round table in the middle of two rows and around security for meetings of 60 people.

- Simulation of room types under option 1 as shown below.

Option 2

- Room looks like class

- The seats are arranged in rows

- Monitors placed on the chair

- The model simulates the following figure


IV.1. Describe equipment HDX 8000

IV.1.1. Description of equipment

HDX 8000 series is for picture quality clarity of Polycom audio support high frequency up to 14 kHz (Wideband Audio Performance Siren 14) and supports the Session Initiation Protocol H.323, SIP allows increased ability to choose transmission over IP networks.

The system processor and camera system should separate easily fitted in any position the camera where to get the clearest picture and the most comprehensive, remote controls, microphones, PSTN and ISDN protocols depending on how customer use.

+ Remote Control functionality, sensitive and compact design.

+ Supports ITU-T H.264 image, full screen display speed of 60 frames / s - Pro Motion.

+ Supports second screen displays.

+ Mode dual-screen presentation allows simultaneous display 02 images side by side (for images proximal and distal end, the distal end or image and data) on a screen (Dual Monitor Emulation).

+ Option supports multi-point calls up to 08 points and can use different protocols (protocols for IP, ISDN, serial) through integrated MCU.

+ Built-in protocol marks of Polycom visual error (Polycom Video Error concealment - PVEC) allows increased image quality on the network configuration with packet loss of the picture.

+ Software standard AES encryption over IP, ISDN, V.35 serial protocols at speeds of up to 4Mbps

 IV.2. Decribe equipment Polycom speaker (Stereo Speaker Set):

• Add dedicated speaker system with Siren 22 Stereo standard for collection of audio systems.

• Simple installation, easy to use

• All HDX systems are ready stereo, no software to install

• floor area of up to 22kHz audio sound in stereo modeDevice Features

• Two speakers with 3/4 "aluminum dome tweeter combined with two 3 1/2" composite midrange drivers

• subwoofer with 150 watts output power with two 6-inch driers

• Two speaker stands, 30 inches in height

• Two 15-foot speaker wires, one 20-foot stereo RCA plug wire

• Total output power of 270 watts

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