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Currently, the use of monitoring systems have become extremely popular in HCMC and other major cities, as evidenced by the company in the field of camera business grow tremendously. Usability and cost more displacement is one of the reasons explosion of the security system.

Camera equipment is observing and capturing images, to audio for problems and security monitoring.

The basic function is recording, the camera is widely used in surveillance fields.

A system of cameras placed at the proper location will allow you to observe and monitor the entire house, mills, factories or places where you want to observe, even if you do not live in the present .

There are three classifications of Camera:

- Classification according to technical images.

- Sort by line.

- Classification according to usability.

1. Sort by technical images:

Analog Camera: Recording tapes from analog signal processing, vector processing color signals color, this is the most used camera.

Chip: CCD (Charge Couple Device) (100%):

CCD Camera uses CCD technology to recognize images. CCD is a collection of electric cells can sense light and then convert light signals into digital signals to be included in the processor.

The operating principle of the CCD can be described below:

CCD images obtained through the camera lens system. CCD pixels are thousands of converts light into electrical particles and digitized. This is a similar process of transformation.

The specifications of the camera's CCD sensor diagonal screen (in inches). Screen size larger the sensor the better the quality. (Screen 1/3 inch Sony CCD will have better quality 1/4 inch CCD, because third> fourth). Currently only 2 manufacturers that touch screen Sony and Sharp. Sharp Quality of inferior quality of Sony.

Chip: CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor).

Meant CMOS semiconductor metal oxide supplements. Types of digital cameras using CMOS technology. The commercial digital cameras use CMOS technology is not able to provide at this time when compared to the image quality CCD camera.

The digital cameras use CMOS and CCD technology has the advantages of very clear about clarity and image quality.

2. Sort by transmission techniques:

There are 3 types: Wired Camera, Wireless Camera, IP Camera

Wireless Camera: Wired cameras have advantages such as high security capability, good security is used, the signal transmission between 75ohm coaxial cable-1Vpp, wire C5. This solution is considered safe. Note that the transmission distance 300m with the need to avoid the amplifier signal path attenuation, resulting in poor image quality.

Wireless Camera: Like the name implies, these cameras are not wired. Unfortunately it is not quite so on.

The Camera still need power cord. The advantages of wireless cameras that are easy to construct and install because no wiring, but cameras have higher safety factor is not there one of the problems of interest for wireless devices. It is the frequency you use wireless dung.

Camera use radio waves to transmit RF signal frequency usually ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 MHZ. Wireless camera is used when installing in areas difficult terrain complicated wiring devices from cameras to observe, for example, the house has walls.For thousands of meters distance we need to use the special terminals operate at higher frequencies and the most expensive. Endpoints will include Tranceiver Antenna and activities in the form of point to point bridge.

The use of wireless cameras is considered unsafe or vulnerable tuner noise affected before the wave sources such as mobile phones.

IP Camera:

A so-called IP Camera Network

Camera can be described as a two in one device (including 1 camera and 1 regular computer). It connects directly to the Internet system as other Network devices. A network camera has its own IP address and one associated with the features of a computer to control the transmission of information on the Internet. Some Network Camera is equipped with valuable features such as detection of motion, combined support systems integration, full support for the port output devices display information other often.

The lens will capture the image, the image is described as the length of different wavelengths of light and convert them into other electronic signals.

These signals are then converted variable rate (like) the number and move to the "computer" where images are packaged, compressed and sent through the Internet.

CPU, DRAM and Flash memory can be thought of as the "brain" or the functionality of the camera and computer is specially designed for networking applications. At the first time, they control the transfer of information to the network and the web server.

Ethernet port, a Network Camera can also send images directly to 10 or more other computers.

IP camera is the most expensive kind of all because it is integrated the most advanced features.

3. Sort by usability

- Dome Camera: Cameras come in many shapes and sizes. This type of camera is usually placed in the house, the design is very elegant and neat.
- Camera Body: This type of camera is used in traditional offices supermarket. Camera is protected in the box to protect against impact damage or environmental conditions.
- PTZ Camera:

+ Pan: Horizontal

+ Tilt: Vertical

+ Z: Zoom (Zoom)Pan / Tilt / Zoom or similar they are known by the trade name Camera.

Camera PTZ supports vertical, horizontal, zoom camera also allows you to connect to the sensor system and alert to detect moving objects in its area of ​​operation. Moreover camera can be programmed to operate, so it can do all the work for you. When implementing this type of system should be noted PTZ much control cables for signal swing.

IR Camera (Infrared Camera): could be one of the top integrated additional features

With the infrared camera, you can record at night, which the camera is not normally done. With the monitoring application 24/24, you need to select Camera with IR function.

Also keep in mind that, in the full light conditions Camera, this camera the camera behaved normally, just as darkness, infrared lights are automatically turned on, and the cameras began operating with infrared features.

There are some customers wonder why the camera when shooting night photos turn to black and white again. Actually all of the infrared camera though modern shooting night to where the image is black and white only because there is no light spectrum.

Camera observations distance depends on the power of infrared light.

Camera observations distance ranges between 10m to 30m.

Camera IR can be observed in conditions at 100%.

II. Photo Storage System
A modern camera systems require go with modern storage systems.

- Digital Video Recorder: Support the full range of in / out for easy management and monitoring. With internet system available today, the manufacturers have integrated DVRs extra network port (Ethernet port).

Connecting to a LAN (Modem, Swich) is that you can monitor from anywhere: on your local network (LAN) or the Internet outside (WAN) computer software has been installed with the burners formation.Besides the DVR also integrates additional port links to develop integrated applications for monitoring such recording, alarm .... The system will record the area to be managed and will alarm emits sound when trouble removing camera or area burglar alarm.

- Archive:

DVR digital uses HDD as computer hard drives ordinary PC to store the image.

DVR can support one, two or more hard drives.

Images can be stored backup via CD-Rom or USB port. Very handy for storing your important images in the work process.

Depending on the model, the number of cameras and storage needs of the customers can choose the type of DVR support the number of channels and the appropriate hard drive. Latest technology of current DVR as integration is the ability to record each channel is indicated (1 channel corresponding 1 camera connection)

For small systems, only a few cameras, the solution is to use card offers recording 4, 6 channels directly attached to the computer through a PCI slot of the motherboard and hard drives take advantage of this computer image storage record.

This type of card is relatively cheap and is the best solution for small models.

For the camera system large number of cameras up to hundreds of devices, the solution given is no longer the DVR system mounted some drives.

Use the dedicated server line for archival purposes for DVR is the number one choice for this type of application, Server large number of PCI slots, high system stability, storage and backup easier through RAID 5 and back up tape.

Server are stored in the IT environment ready to help system stability and safety.

III. Note when selecting the camera purchase:
Because the camera is 1 observation equipment so we need to consider these factors when you want to choose one camera suitable to cater for the needs of themselves as well as customer needs.
Factors that we consider include:
- The maximum distance that the camera can shoot?

- Camera is capable of balancing the light?

- Sensitivity of the camera?

- The camera has infrared support night to observe it? (or wishing to go where not enough light)

So, we should refer to the specifications below for more detailed insight on technology integration in the camera:
- Chip image (Imagie sensor) technology used most CCD 1/3 ".

- The start light the smaller the number the faster the catch light (Lux).

- Resolution (Resolution) the higher the number, the sharper the image (TVL).

- Ability to balance themselves should choose auto light.

- The ability to manually adjust the video signal in bad light conditions should choose auto.
Based on this note that we can evaluate the cost and quality of the camera, making the comparison and selection of the right equipment for your system.

The model project using IP camera to the factory.

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