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The Internet is now an indispensable need for any business for the daily tasks: email, web.It is difficult to imagine a users computer without an Internet connection or a few businesses have no way to access the Internet for business.

Internet connectivity solutions for enterprise reliability

The Advantages, Problems and Solutions

1. Internet - universal tool and indispensable requirements for each Enterprise

The Internet is now an indispensable need for any business for the daily tasks: email, web.It is difficult to imagine a users computer without an Internet connection or a few businesses have no way to access the Internet for business.

+ Demand for daily work: Mail, VoIP, Web.

+ Application Requirements and extremely effective and multimeter to set wide area networks for businesses:

- Used as a backup for professional connections Wan

- Leased line, MPLS VPN,- Establish Site-to-Site VPN,

- Remote VPN for Mobile / Home workers, Business travelers

+ Internet connection also help businesses reduce the cost of renting or leasing space Hosting for online applications as well as ensure the security policies for the enterprise or facilitate the maintenance and management of enterprise IT infrastructure professional services by deploying business online atIndustry:

- Mail / Web servers

- Application servers E


- VoIP Proxy / Server / Gateway

- Messaging Servers ...

+ Internet and Internet connection gives a really great performance for enterprises to exploit it fully and to some extent it is required:

- Cheap (Internet charges in Vietnam was very cheap, almost every business can subscribers high-speed Internet connection various types),

- Universal: the first Internet connections, more services can be deployed, from solution to solution users of the service providers (infrastructure or value-added).

2. The Advantages of Internet services in Vietnam
Vietnam Internet in recent years of tremendous growth and are still growing strongly over the investment to upgrade the network, increasing international Internet connectivity as well as consolidate and develop value-added services:+ Many providers, more choice for customers and end users: VNPT, Viettel, FTP, EVN, SPT.

+ Strong competition and frequently between the exploitation of favorable result to the client.

+ Broadband development for various types of technology, the user different options in the specific needs: xDSL, FTTP, Metro Ethernet, WiMAX.

+ VNPT / strong lower Viettel is implementing the IP Bearer Network and Broadband Access network.

+ Terminals cheap and standardized, often offered free with packages from providers:

- ONT (Optical Network Termination unit) also xDSL NTU or less for free,

- The providers compete to win customers, the CPE device is virtually free,

3. The difficulty of Internet services in Vietnam
Besides many advantages mentioned above, Internet in Vietnam is pretty much exists significant:The paradox in Vietnam:- While network infrastructure equipment and backbone are particularly well organized, fairly or very modern (the leading network solution has been to manually deploy the technology giant- Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericssons, Siemens).- Well Network Infrastructure Client Access Local-Loop (First-mile/Last-mile) - including fiber optic and copper cable and radio are the problem?+ While the overall stability of the service depends on all the elements: a lot depends on the access network, including the cable,+ The way attitude and customer service:- Professional and poor- Extend the processing time,

4. Challenges, obstacles and requirements for enterprise networks

4.1. Overall demand for each Enterprise

+ Demand for network growth often requires flexible solutions,

+ Support for Mobile users, Home users ... access to 24/24,

+ Network Services requires reliable network infrastructure,

+ Internet Connection required for stable 24/24/7 users in the network, the Remote VPN for remote users is important, for access to internal e-mail, for database access, network resources remote

+ Anti-congested Internet connection,+ Internet connection reliability, with redundant hardware, transmission line,

4.2. For eCommerce

+ Make sure you at all times throughout the network security through the electronic commerce Website Business

+ Solution must be flexible, redundant development,

+ Equipment to ensure the ability to recover the incident Hardware / Software with minimal recovery time,

+ Online 24/24/7Ensure the ability to deploy applications efficiently ecommerce B2B, B2C,Ensure access to remote network 24/24/7, reduce network congestion and latency minimum,

+ Solving the problem of slow access from the branches, remote offices,

4.3. For Sector Financial Sector - Banking

+ Ability to handle large number of transactions and no delay arise,

+ Reduce the cost per unit of transaction,

+ Maintain prospect,

+ Ensure Speed ​​and level of success of the transaction,

+ Allows customers the ability to Dowload many documents, lists of financial, Financial Services ...Online Trading case, need to ensure that customers trust the security level of services they provide,

+ Reduce the error condition by networking applications is a key measure for reducing costs and savings for businesses.

+ The smoothness of online business and the ability to recover quickly after a network failure,

+ Connectivity between offices need to be sufficiently reliable encryption, ensuring that sensitive information of businesses,

+ Quick to network infrastructure, operating on the basis 24/24/7 at higher loads,

+ The smooth and high-speed VPN connections between offices of business

5. Solution

Every business needs to "save themselves" for Internet connectivity solution - Efficiency, Flexible, Reliable and Professional.

To do so requires a hardware device to meet the high quality demands in enterprise level (professional). It combines many roles Low speed Internet lines, low confidence, Inexpensive for a Transparent Internet connection, high speed, inexpensive.

Furthermore, the hardware also ensures more bandwidth control capabilities, user control, network control services in an efficient manner, Flexible and Easy.

6. System Load Balancing professional and effective Internet - PepLink for Business

PepLink load balancing system is designed to meet all the stringent requirements described above for the needs of Enterprise Internet.

+ Objects: applications from small offices to large enterprise needs to more than 2,000 concurrent users - SOHO, SME / SMB, Enterprises.

+ Rich and Professional Features:

- Dual Flash: Update Firmare ease,

- Connectivity: up to 7 WAN, Fast Ethernet

- Gigabit Ethernet,

- Bandwidth: up to 350 Mbps, is suitable for all types of enterprises in Vietnam,

- Support network administrator the ability to concentrate,

- Supports the needs Inbound / Outbound,

- Traffic Management: extremely flexible:

o User: User control bandwidth usage, service

o Service: Service Control Input / Output balancer,

o Link: Full traffic control Input / Output balancer,

- Failover: Provision mode operation with high reliability: Link and Hardware (VRRP), fully automated,

- VPN: The ability to combine bandwidth efficiency on all Internet connections - providing solutions to wide area network connectivity Reliable, Secure, Safe and Inexpensive.

+ The popular product line for enterprise applications:

With all his ability, Balance PepLink help establish a seamless connection 24/24 forbusinesses in all situations

7. Practical Application

7.1. Set the Trusted Internet connection and Transparent

Figure 1. Application Load Balancing in Internet businesses (Head Office)With PepLink, you have the tools to set up the Internet connection throughout the enterprise side features "professional" is unequaled.The ability to manage bandwidth, connectivity, and services to help administrators proactively control is completely connected to the Internet.Vertical load balancing capability to help you fully confident in providing online services for business at "headquarters" with minimal cost and quality management opportunities and the best security.

7.2. Wide Area Network Settings Inexpensive, Reliable and Secure
Figure 2. Deploying WAN extremely efficient with PepLink

Through load balancing capabilities, plus advanced security algorithms are supported - AES1 256 bit, PepLink forenables media companies from Internet multimeter can set WAN Trust, Privacyand cheap.

Along with the ability to manage bandwidth, network services and user closely, the network administratormore tool to establish effective WAN in case of need to coordinate with theother WAN connection - Leased line, MPLS VPN, Frame Relay ...

Uniquely from PepLink- High security with 256-bit AES algorithm,

- Load Balancing, Fail over VPN connections to ensure smooth 100%

- Universal WAN connection and cheapest,

- Supports up to 35 VPN tunnel security!

- Routing efficiency,

- The ability to combine the infrastructure of MPLS / Leased Line is using Cisco ...

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