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Database is a very important component of organizations and enterprises. Besides storing customer information, resources, people, Database is an important contribution in analyzing the policy and direction of business development. So, one of the most important thing right now is Database security against risks, intrusion, loss of information. However, the challenge for businesses on how to "secure data security" against risks of a data breach can happen?

P. GPDL like to introduce you to the Oracle solution comprehensive security, integrated security solutions comprehensive system of enterprise Oracle Database.

General statement:

Most businesses today are equipped with firewall systems, intrusion detection systems, anti-spam techniques. The only sure protection systems safe from attacks and infiltration from the outside. However, the risks, the risk from within can not be controlled. Therefore, the question is how to ensure safety against data threats from external and internal risks is needed.

The solution to ensure the security and confidentiality of data that need protection policies in depth, allowing control over the activities of prevention and monitoring by implementing the security policies "need to know - need-to-know "and" trust but authentic - trust-but-verify ".


The potential risks:

In fact, today's data security issues have not been much interested businesses. Although businesses today are already equipped with advanced security systems and costly.

However, the Database system still has not been thoroughly security. One simple reason to explain this problem, but the system is secure, but only external protection. The policy protects the internal risks have not been considered and rational investment and in-depth

According to a survey from security institution OIUG Database (Independent Oracle User Group) that:

Every year experts when asked about data security data before the system vulnerabilities and attacks, only one confirmed before the system is guaranteed attacks

Most businesses have found the greatest risks from inside access, or by not authenticate the account and the account has supremacy as SYSDBA

Most businesses have no policies preventing administrators Supreme accessing critical data and strategies.

Currently, send data outside has become more common

Most businesses today do not encrypt data in transmission, the backup file.

The test is performed on the data environment is data, not the data for the test environment.

The database system has not been configured or security monitor

Users are granted a number of rights is not necessary, escalate to the higher authorities, have access to critical data.

The security hole is not updated and monitored regularly


Ensuring information security, prevent data losses is crucial for enterprises.

However the question when choosing a solution, the aspects that should be considered and consider: ability to meet the solution, the effectiveness and the benefits that brings solutions.

Introduction In Defense Security Architecture Dept

Architecture "Defense-In-Dept" data protection in depth, will monitor the entire life cycle of data such as:

Location of dataApplication log on data

Who has access to the data and what are the conditions?

Make sure the system is configured and maintained by the above method

The three main components of this technique are: Encrypt and hide data, access control and user activity tracking. 

Security Architecture in Defense Dept.

Encrypt and hide data:

The solution encoding and data hiding plays an important role for data protection within the enterprise.

The data on the drive underneath databases and applications, the data in the test environment and development, on line data backup and recovery will be protected with encryption solutions and hide data.

The data move production elsewhere to serve the development and testing can lead to important data fall into the hands of the user should not know.

In addition, data on transmission lines can also be stolen by people who have bad intentions. With encryption solutions and data hiding ensures secure data on the system, line and backup copies in case of lost or fall into the hands of users with bad intentions

Access control:

Access control in excess of the application allows the user to use either Database is important to create conditions for organizations to achieve the benefits of data consolidation and cloud computing.

Besides, the job requires the division of tasks between users including the administrator login will control access and limit the activities of users on the sensitive data and important.

Track user activity:

While encryption and access control are key components for data protection, but such activities are not sufficient to ensure safe data security. The monitoring activities of the Database will allow tracking of user activities, the object of the configuration database encryption, and access control to hide this cap.

Works allows detection and timely treatment activities have bad intentions.

Oracle Database Security Solutions in Defense Dept:

Comprehensive security solutions secure Oracle Database Security for Oracle Database system integrity and a transparent way, based on technical protection-in-depth Defense Dept with 3 methods: encrypt and hide hidden data, access management and monitoring user activity. Because it will guarantee to solve the security problems in today's business environment. 

 Encrypt and hide data

- Encryption and MaskingAdvanced Security Solutions:

provides the ability to encrypt data in transmission systems and.

Secure Backup solution:

encrypt the backup data, including databases, data files.

Data Masking Solution:

hide sensitive data before moving to the programming staff or partners.

Access Management

- Acess Control:

Oracle Database Vault: control and prevention activities of users including system administrators on data.

Oracle Label Security Solution: decentralized solutions based on the operational data of the user.

Track user activity

- Monitor:

Configuration Management Solution: search for security holes in the system, warnings and recommendations for how to fix your system administrator.

Audit Vault Solution: merge tracking data from many different database, and allows the creation of reports and alerts when suspicious activity on the database.

Total Recall Solution: allows tracking of changes to important data point in the past.

Architecture solutions:

Advanced Security Solutions:

Oracle Advanced Security provides encryption features and strong authentication for Oracle Database systems, data protection is important even if the intrusion on the transmission line, operating system or even set hardware, the backup is lost. In addition, the solution also provides powerful features such as Kerberos authentication, RADIUS, PKI. 

 Benefits solution

Oracle Advanced Security Solution helps users achieve compliance with the requirements specified security by security critical data on traffic, the drive backup and database data is not lost even if lost .

Some of the benefits of the solution:

Data encryption without having to change application

Allows the key management integrated

Encrypting data in table columns or entire tablespace.

Integrated with RMAN backup tool, allowing backup data encryption.

Data encryption on transmission

High Performance

Provides advanced encryption standards: AES, 3DES, X.509 Oracle Data Masking Solution

Oracle Data Masking Solution allows enterprises to share production data with internal departments or partners, while ensuring sensitive data is not being disclosed. Data Masking would replace the sensitive data in the database with the same refined data is data based on masking rules. Council of quality control can be used to test data and test application system model without violating the policy or law. 

Benefits of Oracle Data Masking solution:

Sharing data production, while ensuring compliance with data security regulations of business.

Lets enforce data security policies and automatically uniform throughout the enterprise.

Support the search for sensitive data to be protected, to help increase the efficiency of the administration. 

About Oracle Secure Backup solution:

The management of backup data on servers, data centers and remote offices require an integrated backup solution that allows solving problems of distributed data environment. Oracle Secure Backup Solution with client-server architecture to support scalable, providing an interface for drive management focus for the entire system of the Information Technology business.

Benefits from Oracle Secure Backup

The process of backing up data to tape drives quickly and efficiently.

Allows backup file system: Unix, Linux, Windows and NAS drives.

Managing backup policies to ensure easy, centralized and secure.

Lets not encrypt the data, but also the hardware.

Easily manage and focus the RMAN tool backup and manage Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Database Vault:

Check the database access, and data applications requires sophisticated access control and tight.

Oracle Database Vault Solutions is the leading solution for protecting sensitive data of the enterprise, allowing controlled access to the database data to comply with the policy without changing the application.

Oracle Database Vault prevents the account will have access to the data or use the tool to change the application data.

Oracle Database Vault will apply the data security policies: users accessed by software, when and on any application. 

Benefits of Oracle Database Vault:

Control prevents users have access to sensitive data.

Support for real-time control.

Separation of roles between the users in the database, including administrators.

Assistance with the application security policy is built from Oracle.

Oracle Audit Vault:

Oracle Audit Vault automates the integration of monitoring data into a data archive monitoring the security of the Oracle technology, enables monitoring and reporting of user activity on a Database focusing. Audit Vault provides a wealth of information to monitor and report templates built, and built-in alerts and events in the database by separating the role of the user. Besides monitoring the Oracle Database, Audit Vault Database also allows monitoring of third party such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Sybase ASE. 

Benefits of the solution:

Consolidation and Data Security track as Oracle Database, Mircosoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sysbase.

Incorporating a built-in reports, policy compliance and security monitoring.

Send alerts to the administrator when suspicious activity on the database.

Collect values ​​from the logs files of the session.

Automatically delete tracking data on the source database.

Support the management of security policies across multiple database focus. 

Oracle Label Security Solution:

Today, the tight control of data access operation is becoming increasingly important, is rated as the top criteria in the business of ensuring data integrity and compliance with security policies. The maintenance of critical data in each separate database for each client will be more expensive and increase the cost of the administrative load. However, most of the data reduces the security of the system. Oracle Label Security Solution provides the ability to separate the data according to user role. With this capability allows enterprises to store sensitive data with other data on a table while ensuring data security. 

Benefits of the solution

Hierarchical data according to user's role labeling technical data.

Apply the policy, which allows an easy control and flexibility.

Integration with Enterprise Manager management tool that allows centralized management.

The application interface complete with functions including management policies, compare and analyze data labels. Total Recall


Organizations today need an effective system for maintaining data in the past a long time without the need to rewrite applications or solutions 3rd party software, and does not increase the load the administrator. Oracle Total Recall Solutions is a solution for this problem, by providing complete management, security, maintain all the data in the past

Solution Benefits:

Privacy past data follow the privacy policy.

Access to past data, but does not affect the application.

Management efficiency and cost savings data storage past.

Enterprises do not need to 3rd party solutions.

Oracle Configuration Management SolutionToday, configuration management information system is one of the important activities of the enterprise IT department. With Oracle Configuration Management solution for managing configuration information and automate IT tasks. Oracle Configuration Solution is integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager with the ability to automatically search, validate and report the information to change the system configuration

Benefits of the solution:

Prevent and detect improper configuration changes.

Provide reports to comply with the security policy.

Integration with Enterprise Manager management tools, allowing easy management and focus.

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